Technology can be a big challenge.

You don’t always need a big program and a big budget to make technology work for you. Waldorn Group develops solutions to enhance processes and eliminate repetitive tasks for more efficient information access and processing. Waldorn Group solutions come to life on our whiteboards. We focus on:

  • Performance, Loyalty, and Recognition 
  • Client/Product tracking and Registrations’ Solutions
  • Database Management
  • Patented process improvements
  • Healthcare, Service Contractor, Publishing or Channel Issues
  • Inventory and Distribution Issues
  • Physician Referrals/Engagements
  • Surveys/Executive Summaries
  • Analytics and Reporting Process Improvements

As we work to develop a comprehensive strategy, we ask questions … lots of questions. How interactive do you want to be with your clients and today’s social community? Are you effectively using the internet? Do some processes seem to get in the way, slow you down and make everything too complex? Are you spending too much on technology? Do you have the right focus and message on your website versus social media? Do you collect all the information possible from users and customers through your sites? Do you have a client database that is tied to your sales and operation processes and is accessible with the click of a button?

Waldorn Group provides open and honest answers to what you need — customized cost effective solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your IT systems. The answers include optimization and analytics, both organic and system design. We make sure that the custom databases, applications, and platforms that answer today’s needs are flexible enough to be modified as technology and social media continue to evolve.

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