All good business endeavors begin with a plan.

Waldorn Group provides a unique twist on developing and executing a business solution. We look for market shifts and process changes. Where you see inefficiency, we see an opportunity to improve performance.

Strategic planning and development is the first service we offer our clients … all our clients, from small business owners to large corporations. Every major corporation grew from a much smaller foundation. We don’t tailor our services to size. We tailor them to the customer. We ask:



What have you been doing?



What is your time frame?



What do you wish to accomplish?


How much money is available to accomplish it?


Who can best accomplish it?

Goals Tracking

How will success be measured and evaluated?

After we have a thorough understanding of your business and your objectives, we provide you with a comprehensive business plan that contains an effective and measurable solution. Each marketing, technology or operational solution is customized to meet your budget, objective and business needs.

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